The adventures of stark the Airstream

We don't believe in "fly-over states." For us Geekstreamers, the adventure is the journey.  Sometimes we seek out the awesome, and sometimes we stumble into it.

We consider a state "visited" when we spend an overnight or embark on some small adventure. Just driving through a corner of it doesn't count.

National Park Collection

There are 59 National Parks in the United States, and eventually we'd like to see them all. Each time we visit one, we create a digital badge to post on this page.  Sure, we could do one of those National Park Passports, but we like to expend a little creative energy making something by hand.  And by hand, we mean on a computer screen with no actual physical form that our hands can touch.

Death Valley

Coming Soon

Grand Canyon

Coming Soon

Mammoth Cave

Coming Soon

Digital Nomads of the World!

Geography time! We've made a lot of modifications to Stark The Airstream, but flight is not one of them. Until that happens, we world-travel the old-fashioned way, by Zeppelin!  Not really, but that would be so cool!

Anyway, it's a big world and there are some places we can't get to with Wayne and Stark. So every so often, we mix it up and immerse ourselves in another culture.


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