The Prime Directives

We have three priorities that allow us to maintain our lifestyle. The relationship between them is symbiotic. Giving up a stationary life allows us to be location independent and still live relatively inexpensively. A mobile lifestyle means we have we have limited space, so we have to apply minimalism to our space and spending. Less spending means we can divert our resources toward financial independence.


We've relied heavily on the rad folks out there that have blazed the trails in these areas and have been kind enough to put it all out there for the rest of us to benefit from.


If you want to live a little differently too, check out some of the resources below that have been a terrific help to us.


In this TEDx Talk, Luis Vargas delivers a powerful message on the value of travel experiences and the societal mechanisms that trap us.


If you care at all about achieving your own financial independence, Mr. Money Mustache is the blog to start with. His approachable and no-BS writing style are refreshing and make financial stuff surprisingly simple.

Among the Financial Independence community, JL Collins stock series is frequently cited as one of the best reads for anyone looking to start investing toward financial freedom. It's a lot of content, but feel free to skip around and read the topics that are most interesting to you.


Whether you want travel full-time, become more financially secure, or just de-clutter your life, The Minimalists offer straightforward tactics and advice for a simpler, more meaningful life. Also check out their documentary on Netflix.

Ever wonder how people earn a living while traveling full-time in an RV?  On The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, Heath Padgett interviews RVers that are making it happen and offers some insight into his own entrepreneurial life on the road with his wife, Alyssa.

If reading about financial independence puts you to sleep, try the Choose FI podcast.  Each episode, Jonathan and Brad offer interviews and insight from the experts to help plot your own path to financial freedom.


Chris and Cherie are legendary in the full-time RV community. Their YouTube channel is a treasure trove of essential guidance on everything from how to get internet on the road to dealing with health insurance to getting mail to setting up domicile as a full-time traveler (and so much more!) While they've recently embarked on boating, they continue to produce valuable content for travelers of all types.

So maybe RVing isn't your thing, but you want to travel the world.  Chris The Freelancer is full-time digital nomad traveling and working around the world.  He offers practical advice for beginner digital nomads, perspective on working remotely and glimpses into his day-to-day life in countries all over the world.

There are tons of fantastic Youtubers producing content about the full-time RV life.  Less Junk < More Journey is the creation of Nathan and Marissa documenting their life on the road with their daughter Hensley.  They put out a tremendous amount of content and provide a very approachable perspective on RV life.

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