Greetings, Fellow Earthlings! We're the Geekstreamers and we've set off on the ultimate road trip! In 2016, we sold our house, ditched all our stuff and moved into a teched-out 25' Airstream travel trailer, named Stark. Now we're nomads and wander the world in search of adventure and new experiences.

The Incredible Shrinking Geeks! We seek adventure, not a bunch of stuff. By adopting a mindset of minimalism and shrinking our financial footprint, we actively shed expenses and things from our life that don't add value. Now we can always be on the move, untethered from material belongings and debt.

Bring Balance to the Force! After decades of the daily grind, we now strike a better balance between work and leisure.  By taking remote assignments, we can work on our gigs from amazing locations all over the world.  And when we're done working, we can take in the new sights, unfamiliar scenery and local flavors.

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2016 Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB

Check out the schematics page to see more.

2015 Ram 2500

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